Professional wear
and servicing

Professional wear renting and servicing

Unirent System, Ltd would be pleased to offer you convenient schemes of looking after your workwear.
Our methods are based on the experience of the most advanced European companies. Our own production factory is highly equipped with both the best machines and also the cutting edge technologies. All these, as well as our shipping department, help us in catering for your every need. We have established a reputation of successfully working with many transatlantic brands.


Workwear and corporate clothes renting
  • Providing the best quality workwear
  • Convenient pay scheme
  • Clothes replacement
  • Workwear storing, delivery and inventory count
  • Workwear servicing and mending
Workwear subscriber maintenance
  • Professional washing
  • Expert mending
  • Workwear integrity control
  • Delivery
Why choose UniRent System, Ltd?

Our clients are aware that there are no small details when it comes to the company image as well as the safety of its employees. So when they choose dealing with UniRent they are perfectly sure that they will be provided with reliable high quality workwear as well as the high level of service.

Workwear and corporate clothes renting

As we produce our own workwear we know best how to store and service it, so you can rely on
the quality and endurance of our clothes.

All departments work to a perfect balance

Workwear renting is a long-term partner agreement in which coordination becomes crucial. Only in case all the departments, starting with sewing production and laundry service to shopping and
customer service, work smoothly would you enjoy the best of the renting scheme.

Flexible approach

We move with the time, constantly widening the range of our services an introducing new projects.

Our motto is — partnership, communication, responsibility and reliability.
Let the professionals do the job for you!

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